October 14th, 2006


So...Friday the 13th...

Thank god today is over.

I mean, it was my Mom's birthday, so it wasn't ALL bad. But today didn't go without its hitches.

My friend's house burnt down. She's about 63 years old and all of her stuff from when she was a little girl is gone. Her house, her belongings, her dog, everything just gone. She's in shock and staying at her daughter's house, but tomorrow she's gonna wake up and it's just going to be hell.

Oh, and my cat kind of aged about three years in the span of a day. I don't know how. Yesterday he was all fine and dandy, showing signs of old age but still playful. Today, he slept the entire day on the couch (I know because I was there with him, trying to keep him from twitching himself off the couch). He only got up for food and water and to pee. He slept on my lap for six hours and just twitches so bad that it hurts to watch him. I don't think he'll make it through the week and if he does, I'm going to make the call to put him to sleep. Today was too painful watching him.

I've never had a Friday the 13th that was actually bad. But today just changed that. So great.