September 28th, 2006

Sammy Sparkle

Waking Hour 4/?

Title: Waking Hour
Chapters: 4/?
Rating: R for language and violence
Spoilers: It takes place after "Nightmare" and before "Shadows" so anything up to there is fair game.
Summary: Sam and Dean have to figure out what's causing all the bodies buried in an small town cemetery to suddenly come alive again.

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Never The Life

Oh God...

Skipping class right now because I am WAY too distracted to pay attention and do anything productive. So what do I do instead? Homework. What a geek.

We've gotten to the dreaded Table chapter in my HTMl class. Yeah, those big tables from such communites like 100_songs or whatever, yeah, we're using those as web page layouts. And now we get to nest tables WITHIN the cells of a table that's WITHIN a table. I mean...dear jesus. It is so hard to keep track of these stupid cells than span across two rows or use colspan...oh god.

But I do find it strangely amusing. I think I just like logic and problem solving and puzzles. I like writing code...which sounds strange for me to say because I'm SO lazy. But it's fun, when I get it to work right. If not, I have to restrain myself because the last thing I want to do is throw my new laptop out a window or something.

Supernatural in 3 hours. Maybe that's why I'm so distracted. Although, I woke up this morning excited, lost a little of that excitement, read some fanfiction, got that excitement back, went to class, lost that excitement again and now I'm sort of in between. I know that around eight o'clock, I'll be bouncing off the walls. But until then...coding! Yay for nesting tables within table cells. :-D