July 19th, 2006

Snuggle Hunt

Holy Crap

So I was looking through the bookshelves in our family room, reminiscing about my childhood, and I realized why Supernatural is my favorite show. Not just because it has pretty boys. But because of the freaking books on my bookshelf. Aside from kids tales and novels I had to read in high school and books about travel and weather and nature, here's what was on my bookshelf:

-American Folklore and Legend
-Ghosts and Hauntings
-The Most Haunted House in England
-Hidden Channels of the Mind
-The Projection of the Astral Body
-The Edge of the Unknown
-Mysteries Through the Ages
-Psychic Voyages
-Mystic Places
-Life Beyond Death
-Phantom Encounters
-Man and Beast
-Secrets of the Natural World
-Psychic Powers
-The UFO Phenomenon
-Visions and Prophecies

I mean what the fuck? Sam Winchester, come to my house, I have some books that may help you.