July 12th, 2006

Plot Bunnies

Uh Oh...

So I know I just finished "When It's Over" and I should be taking a break and just relaxing before I start something new...but my brain is spasming inside my head with the possibilities, lol.

I can't decide what I want to work on next. I really thought I had it down. My plan was this:

-Work on "Hangman" and at the same time, write some oneshots and challenge responses.

But now...my brain must be on overload because I have other options that are popping up. The most prominent being the fic that was inspired by my trip to the antique store. I think it could be really cool. And then I had an idea for a sorta funny fic. And then some more ideas came to me.

So here's everything that I could possibly work on:

1. Hangman
2. the antique store fic
3. oneshots and challenge responses
4. dare I think of trying once again to write "Venom." A fic no one has even heard of, nor seen, nor heard me speak of? Other than kiraboshi whom was ear to my tirade the day I broke down and decided I couldn't write it.

or this wonderful new idea inspired by mmarinov

5. A DA fic about Alec.

I mean what the hell!? I finished "When It's Over" like 6 hours ago. It's too soon to be having all these ideas at the same time. Gar...I don't know which one to work on next...