July 9th, 2006

Never The Life


So today, after I went out to lunch with my parents, my Dad made us go into a candle shop to look for a house-warming gift for a friend who just moved into her condo. I've been in this store a thousand times, it's like right down the road from where I live.

But today, I go into the basement, where the antique portion of the store is.

I never knew how much I freaking adore antiques. I swear, I was like a kid in a candy store. The things that got my attention the most: teapots, music boxes, jumbo playing cards (don't ask) and old photography.

The old photography actually spurred me into wanting to start collecting them. So I bought a few photographs thinking that by tonight I'd be over them. But...I'm not. And I'm sitting here looking at them and the writer in me is going nuts with inspiration.

So...I'm gonna start an LJ Community, lol. So i can post my photographs and hopefully find other people who like old photography and get them to post theirs.

It will probably be a pretty lonely community, but whatever. I'm obsessed.

***I went ahead and created it:


for anyone who wants to join! :-D I'm so excited!