May 18th, 2006


Decisions to be Made

All right, I had some important decisions to be made and I think I've come to a fair conclusion. And it all regards my fanfics, lol.

So school is kicking my butt in a way I didn't know it could be kicked. Philosophy turns my brain to mush and the five hours of homework a night (there's absolutely no exaggeration there) makes me want to do nothing but lay on the couch and stare at the tv. So, writing, other than a horde of poems, is going to be very minimal for a while. So, I'm making a few conclusions:

1. "Hangman" is on temporary hiatus. I won't post anymore chapters until the WHOLE thing is complete. That way, there's no waiting for ages between chapters. You'll get the whole thing in one lump sum. Sorry to the people who have started it, but let's be honest, it wasn't that good anyway.

2. Any fanfic that I do post will be purely oneshots, so there's no guessing when the next chapter will be posted or if it's going to be finished at all.

3. I'm going on a hunt for fanfics that can be filed under the title, "godly" because as of yesterday, I realized that my obsession with Supernatural, along with my ability to write fanfic, has reached an all time low. I LOVE the show, love it, love it, love it. But I've finally stopped thinking about it 24/7 and that is unacceptable. It was my driving desire for a couple months there. Now what do I have? Poetry. How sick is that?

So there it is. Again, I'm really sorry to everyone whose been waiting for "Hangman." I WILL finish it, but it may possibly not get done until Season 2 starts, since I'm lacking in the motivation for it lately. But, I'm not against the oneshots and actually you'll probably be getting some from me shortly. There's a few missing scenes I've been meaning to write. Not to mention answers to the challenges at spn_challenges.

Rock on, and I'll be watching for those superbly, awesomely joygasmic fics. :-D