May 1st, 2006

Snuggle Hunt

It's war...

So we've been waging a war against mice in our house for the past few weeks. They don't really freak me out, because, they're just mice. But I always get sad when I see one in the trap. Just my nature to be sad when an animal dies.

Today there was this cute little one that I was all ready to trap and let go in a field somewhere. I wanted to spare this young one's life, be nice, be his savior.

And he committed the ultimate violation!!!! HE WENT IN MY ROOM!!

He's here somewhere, the little shit, and my cat is freaking out looking for him because he's old and can't quite figure out where he is. And I'm freaking out because I don't want to be crawled on by mice when I sleep at night.

So this little fucker is going down. There's not going to be a nice field waiting for him somewhere. No, hel no,

**And as I am sitting here writing this freaking journal entry, what happens? Oh, my cat who I thought was too dumb and blind to catch mice, caught the little bugger. And he didn't kill it, just held it in his mouth. And he put it down and waited for his treat.

I guess I'm not as mean as I thought I was because I took pity on the little creature and let him go in the cornfield behind our house. I know he'll probably come back...but he's just a baby. Just a cute little baby mouse with a cat bite on his little body, struggling to survive in the vast wilderness of the cornfield.

But if he comes back, I WILL NOT SPARE HIM AGAIN!!!! Bwahahaha!!